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Barra do Una

  • Praia Rio e Mar

UNA - in Tupi-Guarani means NEGRO, which represents the color of the river water. Its source is crystal clear, and its rocky bottom, in the course of its bed, the river is gaining depth and plenty of surrounding vegetation, acquiring a background of organic debris, leaves and branches, making it the dark waters.

BAR - is the meeting of the freshwater river, with the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Located between the beaches and the Jureia Juquehy, is an ancient village of fishermen amidst the Atlantic Forest, privileged region, where the Una River, the sea and the mountain prevail and live in harmony with a population of five thousand inhabitants, most still fishermen, and a select group of tourists.
The region includes three islands: Heap of wheat, Couves Island and The Islands.

The beach has two miles of white sand in varying shades of green and calm sea.

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