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Luiza Sato

  • Shiatsu - Luisa Sato
  • Shiatsu - Luiza Sato4

Shiatsu is a millenarian massage technique of traditional Japanese culture that uses the pressure (atsu) of the fingers (shi) to release the body's muscles, acting at the vital energy points of the body.The benefits are many, such as improved circulation, relief of pain and relaxation.

It also has aesthetic body, such as lymphatic drainage, facial shiatsu, massage of the sportsman, all dedicated to your well being.

Therapy can be done aboard a luxury boat on the high seas, in the beautiful islands of the region, or even in the hotel itself, where a clinic with tatami mats, litter, decoration and appropriate lighting was set up.

  • Shiatsu - Luiza Sato
  • Shiatsu - Luiza Sato Moema
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