Hotel Canoa
Av. Magno Passos Bittencourt, nº 326, Barra do Una
São Sebastião, São Paulo, 11624-103, Brazil
+55 12 3867-3535 ou 3867-1313

Marina Canoa

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Marina Canoa is a pioneer company in nautical entertainment, founded in 1992 by Commander Captain Adrian Fuhrhausser in order to take people to know the fascinating marine world. Marina Canoa's mission is to provide recreational activities to people from Rio Una, where the site is a haven of natural beauty in San Sebastian.

We have modern equipment and safety guaranteed for our customers by providing a choice of rides and entertainment for the customer to find stress the rest of the great urban centers.

Our Activities:

  • kayaks
  • stand Up
  • Sports at the Beach
  • Boat tours of the islands of the region
  • Ecological tours
  • Garagem6
  • Marina Canoa
  • Marina - Passeio Ilhas
  • Marina - Passeio com Golfinhos
  • Marina - Sports

Sport's Beach

  • Marina - Sports

Stand Up in Rio Una

  • Marina - Sports na praia

Kayaks on the River Una

  • Marina - StandUp

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