Hotel Canoa - São Sebastião, São Paulo, 11624-103, Brazil

Sea conditions

See the conditions of the Tide Table and the Sea for a smooth navigation.

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For more information contact Captain Adrian in the cell (12) 99770-0444

Hotel Canoa
Av. Magno Passos Bittencourt, nº 326, Barra do Una
São Sebastião, São Paulo, 11624-103, Brazil
Call: +55 12 3867-3535 ou 3867-1313


Welcome aboard !

Hotel Canoa in Barra do Una, come relax and relax on a beach that offers river and sea in the middle of a lot of green. There are 16 comfortable apartments, a large swimming pool surrounded by imperial palms, restaurant, riverfront deck and beach service. It is the only hotel from Bertioga to São Sebastião where guests can arrive by boat and car.